2013 First Quarter MLM Reports Are In

2012 has ended and the first report for 2013 is already in and from the outlook it looks that reports are extremely positive. 2012 turned out to be a very good year for companies like Jeunesse Global (94% growth) and ViSalus (highest sales) while some companies had to feel the burnt as well.

Nonetheless, keeping these great things in mind everyone expected 2013 to start with a bang and it indeed did start with a bang. The reports have cleared that MLM is a proven pattern and is expected to grow even more. Before moving with the report let us have a look at other happenings in the first quarter of 2013 that indicate how bright the future is.

Empower Network Grows

Empower Network has grown tremendously in the first quarter with the first month of the second quarter (April) having already seen over 15,000 new signups. Empower Network seems to be doing it right as its products are unique and with its different paying pattern it is able to attract a lot of people.

More Interest in the Industry

Not just this there were several big events also held recently most of which turned out to be huge success. A convention by 4Life saw over 9,000 attendees that came to know about how to build their future. The meeting included several things including seminars on leadership and motivation. The attendees were very much pleased with what they have learnt.


On the other hand MonaVie Brazil Super Regional also made its mark with over 7,500 attendees. There were several records shattered at the event that saw thousands of people coming under one roof to gain and share knowledge. If these signs are not enough then read on to find out the three biggest success stories of the year so far.

Herbalife Ltd. Sales Again Hits the Billion Mark

Herbalife Ltd. can forget about the controversies it was webbed in as the company has some big reasons to celebrate. As per the first quarterly reports the company was able to silent its critics by recording net sales of over $1.1 billion.

The earth shattering numbers are 17% higher than the first quarter numbers of the previous year. This certainly isn’t the first time that the company has seen its sales reaching the billion mark. However, keeping in mind the scenario and the controversies it was recently a part of this number clearly shows the faith people still have in Herbalife and its products.

The net income per diluted share stands at $1.27 with adjusted net income at $137.4. While announcing this big news the company’s Chairman, Michael O. Johnson, said and we quote,

“We continue to deliver record results in sales and profitability as our independent distributors successfully execute numerous growth strategies that enable deeper market penetration, developing customers using our weight management and targeted nutrition products every day.”

2013 has already seen the company repurchasing 4m million shares from the people at an avg. cost of around $40.61.

USANA Sees Improvement

There is another company that saw record sales in the first quarter of 2013. USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA) announced net sales increasing by around 9.7% standing at $169.1 million. The growth has a lot to do with the boost in the North America, Asia Pacific and Europe regions. As per reports fluctuating currency rates also contributed a lot.

The Company’s CEO, Dave Wentz, said and we quote,

“For the first quarter of 2013 USANA again delivered record results in sales and earnings per share. During the quarter, our management team continued to execute our strategic initiatives, which are focused on generating worldwide customer growth, growing our Greater China region, advancing our personalization initiatives, and driving new market expansion.”

The signs are great for this company as people are taking keen interest in its products and there seems to be a lot of potential with international buyers showing interest. The company has received approval from several countries, including China, to start business. This only means that it will grow even further in the upcoming years.

NU Skin’s Sale Jumps

Another company that deserves to be mentioned here is NU Skin that recorded sales worth $550 million in the first quarter of the year. In comparison to the last year this is a jump of over 19%. However, unlike other companies its revenue saw a bit negative trend due to the currency fluctuations; nonetheless, the overall picture is extremely favorable.

The company’s CEO, Truman Hunt, said and we quote,

“We kicked off the year with tremendous momentum, generating 22 percent local-currency revenue growth this quarter, We are pleased with the overall direction of the business, particularly with trends in the North Asia and Greater China regions.”

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