5 Good MLM Companies

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing is a strategic marketing technique in which the company doesn’t only depend on the sales force it personally generates but also upon the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruit is known as the distributor’s ‘downline’ and can provide multi-level benefits. Multi-level marketing is also referred to as Pyramid selling or Network marketing.

Following are the companies that made it into our list of ‘5 Good MLM Companies’.  These are famous for all the right reasons as they have helped people change their fortune.


4LIFE systems were the brainchild of David and Bianca Lisonbee. It aims to provide better immune system supports. Over the years its team of doctors, donors, scientists and researchers continue to innovate in the field of immune system science with a diverse range of products, a high level of standards and better delivery methods. As well as providing its member with a healthy lifestyle, 4LIFE also gives them an opportunity to increase their financial profit. 4Life believes in giving back to the people to the less fortunate. It is in fact, they feel, their moral obligation.

In the countries where they have successfully expanded, this multi-level marketing company aims to help children through relationships with aid organization, making them contributing members of the society. With their motto of nutrition, shelter and education for children, they look to make children stand up on their own feet.

With a commitment to better health and innovations in the field of medicines, 4LIFE continues to provide the world with latest technology, new patents and products. Through the use of transfer factor in immune system sciences, the company has advanced a long way. 4LIFE also offers business incentive for small scale starts. Business can be managed from the person’s home while they reap benefits in the first month.


A multinational company that directly sells its products, Amway has a diverse product range starting from health care to beauty products. The American company was founded by Jay van Andel and Richard de Voss in 1959, being one of the oldest multi-level marketing companies. Amway runs its business through a large number of affiliated companies with a network spread over a hundred different countries and territories. It is widely considered as the world’s leading brand in dietary and nutritional supplement and on top of all that is the only multinational company to grow its own vegetables and plants in state of the art farms.

Amway’s most successful brand Nutralite is acknowledged with the best brand in nutrient and health food category.  The product line also includes weight management dietary products to help its customer stay healthy and combat obesity.

Amway also provides business opportunities for independent business owners to sell and enjoy its exclusive brands as well as rewards for their services. It has not ignored its role on a global and moral level and continues to do charity and aid work around the world with its Amway One by One program to provide less fortunate children of the world a chance to lead a healthier, safer, enjoyable and rewarding childhood so that they can become responsible adults and contribute to a growing society in a positive way.


Isagenix operates from Chandler, Arizona. It is a multilevel multinational personal care and healthcare company. It was started by Jim Coover, Cathy cover and John Anderson. Isagenix offers its customers solutions for healthy ageing, weight loss and old age problems. They offer high quality products which are always natural and with no side-effects or any harmful ingredients.

Besides health, Isagenix also offers financial incentives. The company aims to create more six figure earners than any other company, and new members can soon reap benefits while either stocking their income or completely shifting to a new line of work. The high quality and effectiveness of Isagenix products make it easier to create a powerful blend of success with its bright and resourceful management hiring more and more associates.

Products such as Ionix Supreme have taken this company to the top in terms of repute of its products and have helped people achieve maximum health. The company also provides every associate with a new website to help attract and build a customer base. One of the largest multilevel level companies, Isagenix is growing at a massive pace due to its high quality and blend of wealth and health.

Based in Utah, USANA Health Sciences, Inc produces nutritional and skin help products. This multi-level marketing company has expanded into sixteen independent markets through advisors or independent distributors. The company is the creation of microbiologist, Myron Wentz. The company currently has a network of 247,000 active associates in its vast system.

Products are available through advisors and not other retail channels. USANA products are basically divided into three lines: USANA Nutritionals contains supplements, USANA Diet and Energy provides products such as energy drinks and protein bars whereas Sense is related to skincare.

A large number of this Utah based company’s products are certified by NSF international as having no extra ingredients as compared to the ingredients label. Furthermore, several products were also certified for sports by NSF. USANA is also an active contributor to the field of sports, signing many contracts with top level athletes and organizations particularly the WTA, for which it agreed to donate 10 dollars to Children’s Hunger Fund for every ace scored at WTA tournament at Wimbledon. USANA green continues to drive forward with the company’s belief in renewable energy sources and has used renewable sources in its facilities to set an example.


Founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah, the company slowly expanded internationally into Canada. Over the years it has infiltrated 53 different international markets and is one of the largest multilevel marketing companies present. The company made it into Forbes “100 Most Trustworthy Companies” list. Nu Skin looks to attract businesspersons of the highest level for investment as well as coupling profit with health benefits for the people.

Nu Skin is widely recognized as the premier anti-ageing company and has developed a unique marketing strategy. The company has developed its age LOC platform with extreme ingenuity and passion. The treatment targets ageing at a molecular level, that is to say it targets the source. The company is now valued at more than a billion dollars but manages to keep the same high level quality products and patient reliability of its associates.

Furthermore, its Nourish the Children Plan is well on its way to help the poor and suffering in Africa, NTC has now surpassed 300 million meals served since its inception in 2002. The Nourish the Children or NTC plan has been supported by the purchases of VitaMeals from Nu Skins generous customers, employees and distributors.

These five companies make it to the list because they are famous, sell the right products, are known for the right reasons and have a strong plan to make you rich.


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