MLM: Engage in the Power of ”Social Word of Mouth”

Marketing is the function of business that brings in money to the company. However, the meaning of marketing does not really focus on selling, it is more on the satisfaction the needs, wants and expectations of the primary target market. Therefore, every marketing effort should focus on encouraging, attracting, changing, affecting and influencing the target market’s decision and behavior towards getting a product or a service. One way to elicit the above mentioned responses is to let the people speak for the product itself- in essence that is word of mouth. Your customers are your great s … [Read more...]

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Are you just getting started in network marketing? My new MLM e-book, "The New Professionals-The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Career Choice", is your step by step primer on how to start and build your MLM business. I teach you all about basic company procedures, scheduling your first presentations, setting up goals & getting the right mind set. Learn About MLM