Herbal Life Review: Is The Legacy Worth It?

It is not easy to review a company that is among some of the biggest companies in the world. Herbal Life is one such corporation.
Its slogan, “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How,” has made it reach great heights as people quickly turned to its products that are said to be helpful in living a healthy life.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Herbal Life is a publicly traded company that uses the world-famous MLM pattern to sell its products. It is one of those companies that are known for actually “caring” for their distributors and customers alike.

Its website is divided in different zones based on geographic locations and languages so that visitors can easily browse the website. However, having a good website doesn’t mean the company is actually “good”. There is a lot that has to be taken care of.
To help you know Herbal Life better I have mentioned below all important and relevant details. Go through this Herbal Life review to see if this is the right company for you.

How it All Started

Herbal Life started in 1980 and has been going strong since then. Today it is a billion dollar company with a global presence. This all started when Mark Hughes started selling weight management products with the help of MLM techniques that attracted thousands of distributers and buyers. Within two years the company had reached Canada with sales of over $2 million.
With its growth time came to turn it into a publicly traded company, which it officially became in 1985; however, after the death of the former owner Mark Hughes the company was bought by Golden Gate Capital and J.H. Whitney & Company for $685 million. The new owners made the company private again.
Herbal Life is one of those companies that have seen several ups and downs. It battled with the court, had internal management issues and changing patterns of business, yet it continued to grow. On 16 Dec. 2004 the company entered NYSE with a public offering and has been doing well since then.

A Bit about the Products

The first product was a protein shake that promised to help people lose weight naturally and quickly. However, over the years the company has introduced several other products while remaining true to its motive. Its product range includes protein snacks, protein shakes, fitness supplements, personal care products and energy supplements.
One of the main reasons for the growth of this company is the fact that it has taken care of all aspects. It produces allergen free, vegetarian and halal products as well so that it can capture the whole market, which it has done successfully to a great extent.

In my opinion, one of the best things about Herbal Life is that it did not show greed by trying to cover every product. It has stick to what it does the best. Some of its amazing products include:

NouriFusion: This is a personal care product that promises to give you fresh and lively skin. In my research I found that a lot of people are in love with this product due to its benefits. A user commented, “This makes my face looks fresh”. However, one needs to use it carefully and consistently in order to see good results.

Joint Support Advanced: Herbal Life has special products for sportive people as well. It released a new 24 sports line in 2011 that has met with great success. This product, however, falls under personal care and aims towards strengthening the user’s joints. Efficacy of this product is not exactly known as the response has been mixed. However, many argue that this may have something to do with the age bracket as this may not be very useful for people over 40.

Formula 1 Shake: This is one of the company’s first and most popular products. This contains a fine balance of healthy nutrients that will fulfill your requirements for vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This one has been proven to be successful and is considered a must have by many.

In addition to these products the company also offers healthy recipes that are delicious and easy to cook. Most of its products are produced by third parties, but the company also has its own manufacturing units. It puts in a lot of money in R&D so that it can give people what they want.

What others Think

The opinion about Herbal Life’s products seems to be divided to a great extent. Several tests have been conducted including the study of Treyzon et al. and The Lee study. The results of the study claimed that the company’s products did not have any significant impact on the body mass or fat. However, these did not show any negative effects either.
Conversely, there are thousands of satisfied customers of Herbal Life who are happy with its products. A loyal Herbalife customer commented, “Herbal Life’s Formula 1 Protein Shake is the best thing I have seen ever. It has changed my life and I am really happy with the product. I’d encourage everyone to try this protein shake. It is harmless and gives quick results.”
The number of customers is on a constant rise, which is evident from sales that are hyperventilating. Nonetheless, it has been smashed by several people including Pershing Square Capital’s Bill Ackman who challenged the company’s compensation system claiming that it was robbing people. In return Herbal Life released statements highlighting how thousands of distributors were living happily thanks to their system, which in their words is legal and ethical. More on this is expected to come out soon from the FTC.

Many researches also claim that Herbal Life products cause liver issues and hepatoxicity as they are said to contain toxins like Kompri, Krasha and Qua-qua. However, solid proof in this regard has not been found yet. Research is continuing to know the relation between such diseases and the company’s products.
The company also has big names like AYSO, Lionel Messi and Virat Kohli associated with it.

How to Do Business with Herbal Life

Herbal Life uses a well planned business model. The company does not only offer profits on sales but also gives huge commissions to distributors who are able to meet goals. There are two schools of thoughts regarding the company’s compensation system.
The company provides training to its distributors and offers both full-time and part-time opportunities. You do not need to look for a sponsor to be a part of this program. Just go to the official website and join!
Distributers seem to be content as they can make a huge amount of money. However, critics claim that it is a pyramid system, which was recently held illegal by a Commercial Court in Belgium. Nonetheless, more is expected to come out soon as the case has been through several turns.

The Final Call

It is not very difficult to decide about a company that has been in the business for over three decades. Herbal Life seems to be reliable and credible. Yes, it has its share of controversies, but who has a clean record these days? Most of its products are said to be beneficial and have great demand in the market, which puts the distributors in a great position. I’d suggest you give it a try and start slow to see where it can take you.
There obviously are no shortcuts in life. You need to be careful and select the right products and then hit the right people with it.

I’d like to hear your story as a Herbalife distributor if you are one of them, if not please feel free to share your thoughts on this post.

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