How To Attract Prospects Using A Letter

Writing a letter can be a great way for marketing your MLM business to a lot of people in a short space of time. If you have a letter that you’ve written then you can just print some more and send it out when you’re looking for more people to join your business. This is a great MLM success strategy that you can use over and over again.

Your MLM company will probably have materials you can use. If you are writing your own letter then it is best not to mention your MLM company at all so you don’t run into legal troubles. Most MLM companies restrict the creation of marketing materials as they have to ensure everything is legally compliant when marketing their MLM opportunity.

Therefore your letter’s objective is to simple get people to meet with you and hear your MLM presentation. It does not need to go into the business opportunity or products at all. You just have to talk to people in terms that they find interesting and here are 6 steps to do this.

Who is your ideal customer or business partner?

You need to know who you want to appeal to before writing your letter. If you want customers for your products then they are probably very different people to the business partners you want to attract. This means you must first understand your target market before you even start writing.

What does your target market want?

What are the greatest needs and wants of your market? What are their worries and concerns? What are they afraid of and what problems do they want solved? These are all marketing hot buttons that you want to appeal to when you write your letter.

Get their attention.

Now it’s time to start writing the letter and you want to make sure you get their attention right at the start. That means your first sentence should be very compelling and make them want to read the rest of the letter. For example it might be something like “Did you know there is a new way that thousands of people are using to retire before the official retirement age?”

Explain your MLM’s benefits

Because you know what your target market wants you can now identify what your MLM can deliver. What benefits do your products offer to customers and what benefits does your MLM opportunity offer as well? The body of your letter should explain how your MLM business can solve their problems and give them what they want.

Ask for the action you want

To finish the letter you need to ask them to take a particular action whether this is coming to a home meeting, watching a DVD you send them or meeting up in person. If you can offer them free product samples when they respond this could make it even more appealing. Basically you want to do everything you can to encourage them to take action immediately.

Finish with a strong P.S.

Studies show that the P.S. is one of the most read parts of a direct mail letter. This means you want to summarize your offer here and give them a great reason to respond. You only have 1 or 2 sentences for this so make it snappy.

These are some guidelines for writing a letter to attract prospects to your MLM. If you’re looking for MLM success then this is a great skill to learn as it maximizes your time effectively. Once you have a letter that works then you can simply send it out whenever you need more prospects to talk to.

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