How to buy an MLM marketing software

People are turning to automation and investing in software even for businesses like MLM. These software help do things quicker and in a better way by reducing the chances of making errors. The process starts once you have handled the entire prerequisite that includes setting your company’s requirements as per priority. By doing this you will be able to wisely examine your choice and take advantage of the purchase decision.

It is important to comprehend the proficiency and ease of use of internal resources and then compose an honest assessment of employing a consultant for the selection and implementation of software. Keep in mind that consultants are costly, but can contribute with their valuable expertise. Where their costs are concerned, a consultant who is experienced in negotiating will normally attain material cost savings during the time of contract negotiation.

When required software features are being documented, start off with you top objectives; you will notice that all functions are not equally important. Thereon you can proceed with the current points that bother you and later address targeted areas for future improvements. A ranking system on a scale of 1 to 5 should be created for desired software features enabling you to weigh each system overall and analyzing where it fits in your business requirements. Later, score each marketing software system specifically and understand the limitations of creating an objective decision which is based on facts.

The next step is to establish the level of system integration in your organization amid the new marketing automation system and further business systems. Several marketing systems can work well as individual solutions, while others are more effective when a CRM application is used simultaneously. If you want to combine your business with marketing automation having a wider customer relationship management approach, or other information systems like SFA, ERP, accounting, order fulfillment or business intelligence tools. In this case the accessibility of marketing software integration tools could either make or break the decision of your selection.

Upon the completion of assembling information the next step is to finally view, compare and contrast software vendors. Firstly, scrutinize them by investigating the top priority features required for your business. Then get hold of the complexity, intuitiveness and simplicity of using the products. Don’t forget that you are on the lookout for the result that works best for your requirements, objectives and business processes and not for the most impressive application. When you eliminate these factors, you will be left with two to three vendors. It is very important to research and not select one blindly as if you do not select the right vendor then the final product (marketing automation software) will not be the right one.

During marketing software demonstrations, you can request for a trial period for evaluating the solutions in-house. A majority of marketing software buyers experience the difference between the actual hands on keyboard experience and demo. You will receive valuable Input from your marketing and sales staff, and executive sponsors at this stage, as well as input from the IT staff will also be helpful as they will help implement and support the solution. You can now re-arrange your short listed vendors on the basis of these results and proceed to the next step involved in the purchase process.

Lastly, begin with the top candidates and discuss in-depth regarding the terms and costs. Also, get a particular set of costs for any factors involved with the product besides the software costs, such as storage costs, customization and other features that may not be visible in be hidden in the basic pricing. Don’t leave out discussion on support, specifically if you are considering on purchasing an on-premise solution. In conclusion, obtain minimum three customer references and check their experiences with the solution.

It is important to be careful as the success or failure of your MLM business largely depends on the automation software.


There are various MLM automation software available for you to choose from; these include:

Front Office

This software comes in four configurations allowing you to choose the one that goes well with your requirements. This allows financial management, contact management and even inventory tracking so that you do not have to do the math.  The basic package starts at $60.

RainMaker Suite

This is a complete suite for MLM as it offers everything from marketing to commission tracking. With this system you will not have to worry about winning new customers or keeping track of sales as it will do everything for you.


This is another set of software that is especially built to facilitate MLM distributors and retailers. This is a mixture of multiple tools that come together to create a complete MLM system. With this you can even give your distributors a complete back office to handle everything the easy way.

Websoftex MLM Gift Plan

This software is different from the lot as its pain purpose is to send and receive gifts that are an important part of MLM. This is pretty much a donation management system that saves time and works on its own.


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