How to Choose the BEST MLM Company

We are “flooded” with MLM companies in the UK and it is very hard to know which company to choose if you want to go into the multi level marketing industry.

Here are some tips you can use for choosing the best MLM opportunity that suits you and go into the right direction:

How long has the MLM company been running for?

Usually many companies don’t reach year 2 in their activity and they collapse very quickly. You should be looking at companies that are running for long enough time( over 3 years I would say) to insure that they will be around for many years from now on. Examples of companies that survived over the decades are Amway,Forever Living Products, Avon.

Does the MLM company have solid capital?

Does the company has a good cash flow to pay for offices around the world, for manufacturing the products,paying highly skilled managers and leaders,investing in training,paying commissions ?

How much do you need to invest and what are the risks, if any?

Normally the joining fee may vary from £25 to maximum £200. The reason why you can only invest up to £200 in the UK is explained on the DSA legislation website.

MLM companies offer distributors the option of money back guarantee if you decide to quit between 7-30 days from your enrollment day. DSA – Direct Selling Association is a 3rd party policy agent that ensures MLM companies are legitimate,ethical etc.
You should also be asking about company Policies and Procedures and if they are available publicly.


Is the compensation plan attractive?

In multi level marketing there are 3 compensation plans. Uni-level, Binary -level,Stair Step Breakaway -level:

  • Uni-level is when you build one line of distributors and every person you sponsor becomes your frontline.
  • Binary-level means you are building two legs under you in order to balance volume flow between two legs. Usually you have to be active in both legs(have recruiters in both legs) so that the company can pay you commissions on what these 2 distributors sell.
  • Stair Step Breakaway-level is when distributors break free from their Upline and run their businesses independently. One example of a company that is using this compensation plan is Amway.You should also check what is the commission for each person you sponsor in your MLM organization. Is it £10, £50? Do you receive the same amount for signing up customers and recruiting business partners?

What training is the MLM company offering?

Are they offering training on their products, how to use them ,how to present them? How do they structure their training? Do they offer leaflets,magazines,brochures,vouchers, seminars to advertise their company? CD’s,conference calls,newsletters,live events? Do they teach the most effective way of recruiting- 3 way calls?

Is the company teaching you about Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing will propel your MLM business to massive success.

How long people have stayed with the company A?

There are many fly by night opportunities available and they often a very rich turnover of associates.

When you look at this you should find out as much information as you can about the top distributors and see how long they have been with the company. Why leaders and not distributors who have been recruited last week?

Because leaders will not stay with company A if  :

1.       products do not have big potential

2.       there is no global business opportunity

3.       company A does not guarantee a smooth operation

4.       payment plan is not satisfactory

Will you have fun?

It is important to have fun with your business partners while building a steady income. You may not enjoy your job,  but in an MLM business you will definitely have lots of fun. Product presentations, hotel meetings, training sessions…..they are all fun!

You decide which company to choose. Most important is to be happy with your decision and just do it.


Do y0u have doubts about which company to choose? Any questions you have,please address them in the comment box.   We would like to know!

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