How to Present Your MLM Business Opportunity

There are several ways of presenting your MLM business to your prospects.

  1. Webinars
  2. Power Point presentations
  3. DVD presentations
  4. Local Meetings: hotel meetings,cafes, churches, home presentation
  5. Company websites and branches

I prefer the webinars and one-to-one presentations.

Present Your MLM Business Opportunity With a Webinar

Webinars are a great way of reaching out to masses of people around the world. It is a great prospecting tool for creating leads for your MLM business and is very powerful and effective. In 60 -90 minutes you can introduce prospects to your MLM business opportunity, sell your products ie. launches and pre-launches, product demos, you can also train your downline and recruit people online. You will have this system to use forever.

Present Your MLM Business Opportunity One-to-One

As a serious network marketer you should have in plan to get to 3-4 presentation every week ( a realistic goal). Do not worry if you do not feel comfortable to present the opportunity yourself, you can ask your upline to do it for you and make sure you take notes from your upline’s presentation. See what makes prospects get excited,what questions they are asking and how your upline manages the situation. You could also help your upline by showing your prospects magazines, leaflets and of course product samples.

Try and make your MLM business presentation concise and short,no more than 45 minutes as you might tend to become boring and tiring,risking to put off your prospects. Remember this is a duplication business and your prospects psychology is that if they can do what you are doing,they will join you!

How to Start Presenting Your MLM Business Opportunity

  1. Talk a bit about yourself, who you are,what background you have and how you got involved into MLM indutry.
  2. Introduce prospects to your particular industry and educate them about multi level marketing,what it is and how it works.
  3. Talk about your company and products
  4. Set up expectations from prospects by letting them know from the beginning of your presentation that you are not there to sell them products,but to help them make an informed business decision.
  5. Gain prospects interest and WOW them with what you have to offer them. What I mean by that is show people you have solutions for their problems and talk about how you can help them pay off the debt etc and get financial freedom.Always present people testimonials to empower what you have presented so far.
  6. Interact with prospects by asking them questions, checking if they understand what you are presenting and also ask them to play role and take part of your presentation.
  7. Show sincerity and honesty when presenting income figures,testimonials
  8. Close the presentation by asking for sale: examples of questions to be asked: “Can you see the value of our company / products? “, ” Do you see yourself in this business? “, ” Would you be starting today or just registering for the auto-ship order? “If you get negative responses and people do not sign up on the day ,you can simply ask this “What did you like best about you just heard and seen? ” What did you most about our presentation?” and let them guide you to what is in need for them. They might be interested in your products and want to more products to test,more days…or they might want to learn more about your business opportunity and therefore need more time to think about it.Hope you found this article useful. We would like to hear how do you present your business and what tools are you using?

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