Low-Cost Ways to Get Started with Video Marketing


Advertising your products or services has become easier and easier lately. Why? Because the audiovisual content seems to catch every consumer’s eyes and is the most effective weapon in attracting clients. Therefore, if you have just begun investing in a new business and you want it to flourish, we have got very good news: it’s the perfect time to start a successful marketing campaign without little effort and on a tight budget by promoting everything through videos!

Here are a few low-cost ways to get started with video marketing that will take your business on the road to success:


One of the most inexpensive ways in which you can get started with video marketing is through slideshow presentations. Not only are they an effective way to organize your thoughts and introduce the audience to your services, but they are almost free!

All you have to do is be very handy in what concerns the creation of PowerPoint presentations and then turn them into the video, using tools such as Kazam, SimpleScreenRecorder, CamStudio or Screenflow. These help you record your presentation and give you the chance to narrate and convince the audience as if they were in front of you!

Video Testimonials 

What can be more convincing than someone who can speak about your products from their experience? Sharing to your audience feedback given by real clients is one of the most powerful weapons in achieving your audience’s trust. All you need is a camera recorder and happy customers, ready to speak about the good quality of your services.

DIY Animation

Animated videos are catchy and, depending on your target audience, you might have a bigger chance to win their hearts with your funny, creative videos. What is more, DIY animations are really cheap and can be compiled very easily, as websites such as GoAnimate, Devolver or Animaker offer their users cheap and efficient ways to get started with video marketing through this kind of audiovisual content.

Live Videos    

We live in an era in which social websites took over the world. This is an advantage for those who are in charge of marketing their services. Not only will thousands of people be interested in your live videos, but they will also appreciate the fact that you have the courage to interact with each of them and respond to their feedback so promptly.

Social Experiments

Social experiments are some of the most viral types of videos, as they are watched and shared by thousands of people from all over the world. If the services you offer allow it, find ingenious situations in which the public is exposed to them and record it.

What you should keep in mind is that your videos should be as natural as possible because your aim should be to demonstrate the people’s natural reactions to your product. Also, your product should be the only one placed in the spotlight, in order for people to remember and become interested in it. Low cost and very efficient!


Another low-cost way to get started with video marketing is through tutorials. Showing people how to use your product and demonstrating the efficiency and the quality of your services will always be appreciated and remembered. It does not require expensive equipment, but it should be very well organized and planned.

Final Thoughts

Although video marketing is one of the most efficient manners in which businesses can reach the consumers’ eyes, it can be difficult to afford. With the low-cost ways to get started with video marketing kept in mind, money is not a problem anymore and you’re all set! All you need is a plan, some creativity and a compelling message for your audience!