MLM: Engage in the Power of ”Social Word of Mouth”

Marketing is the function of business that brings in money to the company. However, the meaning of marketing does not really focus on selling, it is more on the satisfaction the needs, wants and expectations of the primary target market. Therefore, every marketing effort should focus on encouraging, attracting, changing, affecting and influencing the target market’s decision and behavior towards getting a product or a service. One way to elicit the above mentioned responses is to let the people speak for the product itself- in essence that is word of mouth.

Your customers are your great salespeople. Through them you can reach out to more connections. As we may be hindered by distance, language and race; it can be hard to maximize potential output of a sales steam. However, as internet is innovated and different social networking platforms rose, such hindrances will be eliminated. MLM is not anymore a face to face commerce but an online phenomenon where anybody can talk about his product, sharing it with another people, get them to buy it and let him sell it to other else. Just one person, sharing to few people, sharing to a few more will make a business deliver maximum outputs.

What does MLM means?

Multilevel Marketing is a marketing strategy wherein a business gets sales through their own sales pitch and sales generated by the people under their recruitment. In this type of marketing strategy, you need to get more people under your feet. Thus, strategies must focus on engaging your customers to be your people and compelling them to inspire more sellers.

Getting more connections is not easy. You can’t convince people to be on your side if they don’t know you, however, just like social media, one like or tweet will generate two more and a few more until you become in trend and capture the attention of a larger market.

Capturing the Social Word of Mouth

Social media amplifies word of mouth. 14% of people trust ads while 78% of them trust recommendations or referral from other user. According to research 64 percent of consumers read online reviews before making purchasing decisions. There are 1 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users. According to Nielsen’s Social Media Report 2012, 33% of these users simultaneously Tweet what they found on TV or what they heard from different sources. And 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter. It’s an efficient way to start your networking business.

People tend to share what they heard and what they have experienced. Whether it is about your product, the way of earning sales, or a home based job, the social media is an efficient medium to create rapport with your target market. It is where you can discover who needs you and also to make your market realize that they need you too. It is a mutualistic existence where both of you gain in one circumstance.

Social Media Integrated in MLM

MLM used to be labeled as direct selling simply because people go to your place to sell the product and the idea of earning. However, because of Social Media, paradigm shifted. People get visible online at your home in your most comfortable time. Creating a Page in Facebook or on Google Plus can extend news, updates and even new opportunities that can inspire people to sell what you sell, and to gain what they gain.

Multilevel marketing focuses on getting your customers satisfied and convert them as your sales people. It is getting their trust and compelling them to get trust form other people. You earn. They earn. You can only do that by making yourself viral, creating a buzz for your campaign and let the market understand that they need you. It doesn’t happen in a click but it can happen through the social word of mouth.


Al Gomez is Founder of Dlinkers and In-house SEO Consultant, a Philippines based SEO Company. With his 7 years of experience in the SEO industry, Mr. Gomez had impart his experiences  to his TEAM and brought success to his Client’s website.

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