MLM Review: Visalus Sciences

Visalus Sciences is a an MLM company with offices in Troy, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.

“ViSalus” comes from the Latin “Vi,” meaning Life, and “Salus,” meaning prosperity and health. The company’s motto is “TO IMPACT LIFE, HEALTH AND PROSPERITY AROUND THE WORLD”.


The leadership of Visalus is formed by: Ryan Blair-CEO, Blake Mallen- Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer and Nick Sarnicola- Co-founder and Global Ambassador. Ceo Ryan Blair, has led the ViSalus business to massive growth. He has been featured on CNBC, Time Magazine, MSNBC, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

ViSalus is growing rapidly,and due to the International expansion, Visalus has introduced Payoneer who gives the capability of rapid payment of Distributor earnings,for International currencies and in the U.S. as well.

Payoneer allows ViSalus the ability to issue a customized, branded prepaid MasterCard card to distributors building their ViSalus businesses in the US and abroad. If a Distributor chooses to use the Payoneer international prepaid card instead of a check, they get their cash faster. The card can be used in ATMs in over 210 countries around the world for instant access to earnings. Distributors are not required to have a bank account, and they have access to their earnings just hours after the card has been loaded.
As a result, ViSalus was able to eliminate the headaches associated with cutting paper checks, and reduced costs per payment by 75%. The card has improved brand awareness, and has even been helpful in recruiting new distributers.

(source: Payoneer )


Visalus Sciences is a Health and Wellness network marketing company, offering nutritional supplements, energy drinks and weight management.

The most popular products are :

Trim Slim Shape : ViSalus states the Trim Slim Shape system combines scientifically proven ingredients to burn fat, boost metabolism and calm hunger. Visalus will help you lose weight by:
1. Eating proper nutrition while cutting calories & keeping muscle.
2. Boosting a tired or sluggish metabolism & energy.
3. Controlling hunger and the stress of dieting.

Visalus Neuro: The Smart Energy Drink fights tiredness and helps mental focus with a unique, patent-pending blend of energy ingredients like Rhodiola, DMAE, and healthy Vitamin B, for lasting energy.

Vi-Pack Anti-Aging: an advanced anti-aging and energy system designed to support your daily health.

Visalus Energy Supplements: support increased memory and aging with a scientifically developed and patented formula that is shown to slow down the cell aging process.

Visalus Body By Mire Challenge, is a popular 90-day weight reduction challenge and you’ll get 30 healthy meals just for $49 monthly! Quite impressive,huh

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