Procrastination: Throw it Away to Enjoy MLM

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is simply delaying work. The idea of not doing it today or saving it for later is procrastination. This is a very common problem as most of us are lazy and do not have our priorities set correctly. Instead of doing what we should and can do now we save it for “later”.

The problem is common among businesspersons as well, even those who are into the MLM industry. Many sellers procrastinate and have to go through the negative effects that are explained below.

The Negative Effects

An opportunity lost is an opportunity lost. You can never regain it. Business is all about being active and cashing in on opportunities that come your way. It is very well known that once you lose a customer you lose him or her for life. You need to be on your guard at all times to be able to find success in this competitive world.

Many people complain of giving their best but are not able to reach the success they aim for in MLM. There may be many reasons for them not getting what they deserve. One such reason is definitely procrastination.

Procrastinating can harm the best of the sellers. Take an example of a person who is selling a product that is tailor made for Christmas. The person decides to start selling it a week before Christmas as this is when prospective buyers would be out looking for such a product.

However, on the day the person was supposed to start promoting or advertising the product, he or she decides that there is a lot of time left and he can always start tomorrow. This might not sound that bad on paper, but how about the people who are already looking for the product?

If they are not aware of your product they will not be able to buy it and then the number of people you can target would greatly decline because a lot of potential buyers would’ve already bought the product by the time you hit the market.

This if you look from one perspective is plain loss. You could’ve earned a lot of profit by selling that product. Plus, the buyers might have turned into long-term buyers giving you a lot of profit, but you lost it all just because you wanted to be lazy and lie on your couch.

This example clearly explains how procrastinating can bring havoc to a person’s life. This is the same for everyone from sellers to distributors. Say, for example, you are required to deliver a product on the 24th of January but you decide that you can always deliver it on the 25th just because it is in your contract that the delivery may be late by a day.


You would still get paid and the buyer may not even complain of it due to it being in the policy. However, the chances are that the buyer would never come back to you because he or she would think that you are not a reliable seller. This may sabotage your business even if your product is good.

To save yourself from such trouble it is important to overpower procrastination. How? Read on to find out!

How to Overcome Procastination

Do not procrastinate when it comes to defeating procrastinating. You might be great in doing it at the eleventh hour but you can’t always count on it. To help you in this regard given below are some great tips.


Firstly, it is important to realize how bad the situation is. If you think that procrastinating does no harm to your business then you will not be motivated enough to overcome it. You need to realize the damage it has already done and the damage it may cause in the future so that you are stimulated to be active.

#2.Forget the Benefits

Of course, you like to procrastinate because you see some benefits in it. Almost, we all love to rest and do nothing. But you need to ask yourself if the benefit is really worth it? You should compare the situation to how it would be if you decide to do your job on time and you will realize how then you will ‘still’ have the same amount of leisure time because you always do the job, but you just do not do it on time.

#3.Surprise Yourself

This is an old trick but still works. If you find it too difficult to do your work on time you should get in the habit of surprising yourself by using several tricks. This may include, “I would watch my favorite movie if I do this on time” or “I would be able to buy this from the extra profit I make”. These simple tricks act as great motivations. Plus, you may also use negative reinforcement by punishing yourself whenever you are not able to do your job on time.

Go the Salami Way

This trick includes slicing your major projects into small pieces that are easy to handle. You can work on one slice at a time before moving on to the next one. This way you will not feel burdened and will be easily able to manage all your work. Quite often the weight of handling a task is the reason for procrastination.

Set Schedules

You need to make schedules and then make sure you stick to them. If you are in the habit of forgetting things then you can use a calendar or alarm clock to remind you. You may face difficulty initially but it will be fine eventually as you’ll grow the habit. Even Parkinson’s Law says, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Throw the Trash Away

There always is something to stop you from doing things the right way. The distraction may be anything from your habit of sleeping for a few extra hours or your friends who insist that being on time is boring. You need to realize what causes you to procrastinate and then get rid of the cause.

In simple words you will have to take the command in your hand. Know the difference being active will bring to your life and you’ll be ready to move ahead. Again, do not waste time thinking you can do it tomorrow. Get it up and plan NOW!

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