Ten Things Gary Coxe Teaches You

When we talk about Gary Coxe’s lessons we assume that you already know he is. However, if you do not know then all you have to do is read our article on Gary Coxe where we explained about his life and much more.

Thanks to the great appreciation that article received we are once again creating an article on Gary Coxe, this time compiling ten of his most important lessons in one article. Yes, all the treasure of knowledge in one article.


Gary teaches patience and his life is a good example of what being patient can do to you. He has highlighted the need to be patient in most of his books as without being patient you cannot achieve anything. Success actually comes to those who wait for it. If you’ll be through his life you’ll know how he had to face difficult times but his patience always brought him back.


If you want to achieve something then Gary believes that you need to be ambitious about it and ambition comes from within. You are ambitious only about what you love or truly want. This is not something that can be learnt or forced. It is inside you only. This is why he recommends that you try what you actually believe in and not what everyone else is doing because then the ambition will be missing and the chances of success will not be that good.


Gary’s story is rags to riches and he was able to pull off this feat only because he was persistent. Many people are of the idea that he did not have to face any difficulty and luck came knocking at his door. Well, luck does come but it needs to see you working, and this is exactly why he succeeded. He worked hard even though he failed and failed numerous times. Failing and giving up is not a solution and this is one of Gary’s main messages.


You need to dream and then work hard to achieve it. Gary believes that if you do not dream then you will not be able to achieve it simply because you will not know what to achieve. It is important to set targets or aims in life and then work hard to achieve them.


Experience counts a lot because it tells you and teaches you a lot of things. In this industry, too, experience is of huge importance. It doesn’t matter if you are into MLM, affiliate marketing or any other type of online business, experience will teach you how to manage things and handle problems that can strike anytime.

Take Risks

If you think that you can make it big without taking risks then you are hugely mistaken. Gary, like most other experts, seems to be of the view that in life risks should be taken; however, these should be calculated risks. There is a difference between a calculated risk and a general risk as in a calculated risk you are well aware of the worst outcome and have the time and opportunity to create a safe haven in case something goes wrong. If you want to make it big then you have to take risks; however, these should always be calculated.


Gary pushes everyone to try and not be scared. If all you do is keep worrying about the consequences and never try then you will never be able to make it big. You need to make a good use of opportunity when it strikes your door. You need to understand that something good will not wait for you. You need to cash in on it and see your luck. But, once again, it should be remembered that not every opportunity is necessarily good as there is always the risk factor. You need to see if it actually suits you and can change your fortune.

In his book  ”Don’t Let Others Rent Space in Your Head ” he says that you need to be observant of things yet make your own choices. Well, then “why observant?”  is the first question that comes to the mind. This is simply because when you observe others you get new ideas and learn a lot of things. It is nice to say “make your own mistakes”, yet at times these mistakes can turn out to be very costly which is why it is better to learn from other’s mistakes so that you do not have to suffer from any kind of loss.

Be Wise.

One of the most important lessons he teaches you is to be wise. Many people can end up losing even what they have if they do not play the game correctly. When it comes to being wise it means everything. You need to be wise in who you do business with, how much money you put on the line and what kind of business you do. Always research and then make a decision so that the risk factor is minimized.


He emphasizes on learning all the time and then using what you learn. There is no point in learning if you do not use it in your practical life. You can learn from your mistakes, other’s mistakes, your experiences and even books. Just like Gary, there are other writers as well writing books on how you can find success in your industry like the MLM industry. It is recommended that you go through such books and know what the experts think and then use their knowledge and experience in the best possible manner to improve your future.

These are ten of the main messages hidden in Gary’s life and books. Make these a part of your life and you will find it easy to find success.

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