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Amway is a multinational company that has its techniques based upon multi-level marketing that means that this highly reputable American company does not only depend on the sales force it personally generates but also upon the sales of the other salespeople they are linked with. The company has a diverse product range stretching from health care to beauty treatments and is affiliated with a number of companies, carrying out business in more than hundred countries and territories across the globe. In 2012 issue of the respectable American business magazine, Forbes, Amway has been ranked on the 25th spot among the largest private companies in the U.S.

Being a leading brand in dietary and nutritional supplement, Amway has not ignored its role globally. It provides opportunities for independent business owners to sell and relish its exclusive brands. The company also continues to do charity and aid work around the world with its Amway One by One program to facilitate considerably poor children with a chance to lead a healthy and respectable life in the society.


The company was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, both being good friends. Amway’s headquarter is based in Ada, Michigan, United States and revenues around US$ 11.3 billion (2012).

However, it all started in the year 1949 when DeVos and Van Adel signed as distributors for Nutrilite food supplement; a California based direct sales company. The duo developed their new business and in the same year formed Ja-Ri Corporation (based on their first names). The company’s main objective was to import wooden goods from South American countries. Later this business became a Nutrilite distributor and a system of multi-level marketing was developed. After establishing Amway (short for American Way) in April 1959, Frisk became their first official product. The company also bought and later gained full ownership of Nutrilite in 1994.

Global Expansion:

Amway expanded its business dealing overseas, starting from Australia in 1971. Europe, Asia and Latin American became Amway’s next targets. The company had also launched its web far and wide to Africa, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

With a network spread to over 100 countries and territories, as per the claims by Amway’s official website, the company showed remarkable progress in the regional markets of India, China, Russia and Ukraine.

In addition to record sales for six consecutive years globally, Amway is looking to go one step further as the company plans a global expansion through an investment of $375 million in seven different sites. This includes four sites in U.S. and an additional location in China, India and Vietnam.

Amway Brands:

The products by Amway ranges widely from health care to energy beverages. These diverse products are labeled under prestigious brands such as Nutrilite and Artistry.


A vitamin, mineral and dietary supplement brand, Nutrilite involves an extensive range of supplements for different purposes. These products cover general nutrition, weight control and children’s nutrition needs. It has been 75 years since Nutrilite is leading the nutrition world with its highest quality products. The ingredients used for these products undergo thorough researches and tests before assuring the people of their guaranteed positive health results.

Nutrilite is best regarded as the largest selling Amway product. In the year 2008, Nutrilite generated revenues exceeding US$3 billion around the world. The brand has also won several reputable awards and honors in the category of nutrient and health food.


Artistry is a beauty brand by the Michigan based company, Amway. The brand truly speaks for woman beauty as it ensures care for every single female soul. Artistry primary objective is to make women realize of their tantalizing and delicate sides. This true concept has placed Artistry in the list of top five best-selling skincare brands of the world.

Artistry is basically a color cosmetics and skin care brand, marketed to more than 90 countries by Amway. The esteemed brand was first launched in 1968 as a skincare product line under the already established Nutrilite brand. Since then the brand has made tremendous progress and by 2004 more than 400 products were enlisted under Artistry product range.


Legacy of Clean

A line of powerful cleaning products, Legacy of Clean is a featured brand of Amway that takes away dirt, grease, dust and grime with its environmentally sensitive products. The brand is a mass development of original and multipurpose product, Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.) which was launched by Amway in 1959. Legacy of Clean involves various products categorized as Laundry, Dish and Surface cleaners.


Introduced in the year 2000, eSpring water filter pioneered the home water treatment system. Amway manufactures products after extensive researches and performance tests and that’s exactly the case with this water treatment system. eSpring Ultraviolet Technology is capable of destroying 99.99% of waterborne disease, ultimately getting rid of bacteria and viruses.

The brand has also won notable recognitions such as Gold and Platinum awards in the survey by the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Asia.

XS Energy

Amway’s XS Energy is the first sugar free energy drink brand sold globally. The brand is distributed by Amway in New Zealand, Australia and  United Kingdom. These drinks come in different flavors with Cranberry-Grape Blast, Citrus Blast and Tropical Blast among the best-sellers.

Ditto Delivery

Amway also owns an online shopping method. The method is named Ditto Delivery which allows consumers to postulate an automatic delivery of their desired products on monthly basis.

Amway One By One

The Amway One by One Campaign is a global movement for children by Amway and its ever increasing 3 million employees and distributors. The campaign was initiated in 2003 as a volunteer effort to help the children in need. However, with globalization Amway distributors and employees have now encouraged people and significant partners to join hands with them in this noble cause.

To this date, Amway has been able to help over 9.5 million children with contributions of $166 million combined with 2.5 million volunteer hours. These contributions are spread over 80 different countries and territories where Amway currently operates.

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