Want Affiliate Marketing On Steroids?

Many people try to start affiliate marketing as a way of making money on the internet. And for good reason… there are many benefits over other ways of making money.

The main benefit of affiliate marketing is the fact you don’t have to create your own product and sales material. It allows you to piggyback on someone else’s product and their entire marketing system. All you have to do is bring them new customers and you get a share of the profits.

However there are some downsides to affiliate marketing. The main one for me is finding a quality product with excellent sales material that you actually want to promote. Most of the products online seem to be about making millions on the internet or how to get killer 6 pack abs… not my cup of tea.

The first step to successful affiliate marketing.

So the first job you have is finding a product that you really believe in and ensure that delivers value to the people using it. One of the most powerful things you have online is your reputation so you definitely don’t want to be promoting poor products just to make some money.

Once you have a product that you like it’s great as you get paid on every sale. However another downside is that most affiliate products only have one sale. If you’re promoting an ebook or video course then each person only buys it once.

The best affiliate products you can find are ones that have recurring revenue… that means someone buys a monthly “subscription” to it and you get paid every month they continue to buy the product.

The problem with being successful…

Imagine you found this really great ebook on how to lose weight (that actually works) and you started promoting it online. After a while you start to make some nice money and your friends get curious about what you’re doing. So you share it with them and they start promoting the same weight loss ebook as you.

This is great for your friends however you’re now losing customers to your friends as well… they’ve become your competitors. Plus they keep coming to ask you for advice on how to improve their own marketing efforts and being a good friend you want to help them out. Even though you’re now training your competitors.

What’s a better way to start affiliate marketing?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could help your friends get started affiliate marketing while receiving a commission on their sales to help them get started? That means that while you teach and train them to be successful you’re also getting rewarded. Now you’re creating business partners rather than competitors.

Your friends’ success becomes your success as well… which is great when you all want to go on holiday together to celebrate your newfound cash and time freedom.

So what affiliate marketing program lets you help your friends and get paid for it?

The program I’m referring to is of course Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). When you start an MLM business you get access to a high quality product created by a multi-million dollar company. You then get to promote that product and earn commission on your sales… which usually recur monthly as people naturally reorder a product that they like.

You then get rewarded for finding others who want to make some extra money and helping them get started in their own business. Your success is directly linked to helping out your team members make money. So you work with a team that also wants to build an extra income source.

Have some questions about multi-level marketing (MLM)?

To find out more I suggest we have a chat. I’ve been doing MLM for over a year now and love to help people get started just as others helped me. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t… but it never hurts to take a look and see what you think.

You can simply contact me for a friendly chat and to find out more information.

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