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Gary Coxe Talks about Life, Profession and Much More.

Gary Coxe is a name that almost all of us are aware of. He is a personal growth expert who is known for a lot of things including training sessions he conducts that attract a good amount of people. He is an author as well with his latest book, ” You Can’t Fillet Nibble…It’s the Catch That Counts” creating wonders everywhere as it talks about Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

You might have read about him or heard him on television as he has appeared on some famous shows on stations like CNBC. However, today you will get close to him as we bring to you some snippets from his interview where he talks in detail about a lot of things.

Firstly, let’s know how he broke into the business. He shares his story how he started his first business when he was only 11 years old and by 15 he had already inaugurated second business that was basically jewelry trading. He learned the craft for two years and had his own jewelry store by the time he turned 17. He says that he was making more than $100,000/ year around that time.

He also speaks about his passion for teaching that he followed wholeheartedly passing knowledge onto others. However, this golden phase did not continue for a long time as he remembers the dark time when he caught his wife cheating on him and his father got murdered. He also almost went broke and lost a huge chunk of money in his business. This was the darkest phase of his life as nothing was going right and he didn’t know whom to turn to.

There’s a message hidden in his story as a lot of people these days suffer from similar conditions. Many of whom give up on life and are never able to turn tables. However, he isn’t the one to give up and he became his own “doctor and patient” and tried his level best to change things.

He realized how the best thing is to let bygones be bygones and instead of living in negative memories of past he tried to concentrate on present so that his future could improve.

In his words, “I had been a product of my past experiences, which I allowed to affect my thinking, mind, feelings and emotions. I had experienced in three years what most will never experience in a lifetime. With my faith, and a desire to move ahead, I started making strides to do so. If I could be successful once, I could be successful twice.”

His ability to change himself and take on new things allowed him to turn a new leaf as he made new friends and took on challenges again. He soon began consulting with people who wanted his advice. All this started with the help of seminars and CD’s and soon he started to be recognized as people realized how beneficial things were.

Soon he caught television producers attention and appeared on shows like CNBC’s The Big Idea, Inside Edition, The View, Fox & Friends, Success and Selling Power magazine and more. And then there was no stopping for this man.

People started to take notice and lives gradually started to change. He also said that he is grateful to NBC for producing his TV segments on behavior and mindset.

He also agrees that he is persistent because in his opinion this is what leads to prosperity. He believes in mind games and this is how he makes himself and others do the right things.

In his words, “Cold calling is a mind game. Rejection and how we view it is a mind game. Balancing our family and business and the thoughts that come along with it are all mind games. Master this and results are bound to happen.”

As for his latest books he thanked Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Sandals Resorts’ owner, for endorsing the book as it helped sales a lot.

In this interview he also highlights a few things that people do wrong such as being too wary of what other things as in his opinion going with the flow and doing what you think is right is the right thing. You need to have belief in your product and yourself and pay no attention to naysayers. He thinks that if you have an extremely high value and belief you’ll be unstoppable.

He also believes that one should be smart when it comes to marketing as having too many leads can often backfire. He gives an example that is quoted below,

You can call one thousand customers once (1000 x 1) or you can call one hundred customers ten times (100 x 10). The concept behind these numbers is that you must regularly keep yourself in front of your potential customers. Once is not enough. I call it ‘dripping’ on them.

If you send out direct mail pieces it’s far more effective to mail out 100 cards 10 times instead of 1,000 cards once.

So then, 100 x 10 is SMART!

And 1000 x 1 is STUPID!

Which one do you want to be? “

He says that since every lead costs you something you need to be careful and only concentrate on the right one. He finished the interview by highlighting how he usually passes time when he is not working. He generally takes off to the Caribbean in the Berry Islands and Sandals Resorts to have some time with close friends and family.

His story is truly inspirational and you can learn a lot from his mistakes.

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