About Me

Thank you for checking out my website.

I have been in multi-level marketing for two years now and from my own experience, I know how hard is to break into the MLM world. It has been a roller coaster for me with lots of ups and downs and many challenges.

I have survived the journey of personal development, lessons that only MLM and entrepreneurship can teach you. As we know in the real world of multi-level marketing is a lot of misunderstanding and disappointment.

Many people struggle to understand what they get themselves into, others understand but don’t have the stamina and commitment to make it through. There are also many people who are successful and they are living the life of their dreams.

The only difference between those who fail or give up and those people who succeed is simple. RIGHT mindset.


So, on MLM DREAM you will find fine articles about multi-level marketing, social media, online business, and company reviews and inspirational articles.  I have also written an e-book called “The New Professionals- The Rise of Network Marketing as The New Career Choice” and is a great source of information for those who are just starting or are about to start in multi level marketing.

Please check out my MLM Blog, where you will find interesting posts and comments.


1. I am based in London, UK.

2. I  love business and being an entrepreneur. I think is fantastic.

3. I love helping people and deliver above their expectations.

4. I love arts and music. Especially Latin music:-) and greek also.

5. I love animals …I would love to have a Labrador.

6. I love foreign languages.

7. I love traveling

8. I love fashion.