Advertise Your MLM business for FREE

We all want stuff for free, don’t we? When you start a business, you are likely to be on low budget so you are looking for the cheapest ways to kick off the business, but what if you can advertise your MLM business for FREE? Sounds too good to be true?

My personal opinion is better to start on low budget and take it slowly to the top as you allow yourself time to learn the ins and outs of your MLM business and after that getting to the top .

Check out these completely free ways to advertise your MLM business 

Eight Ways to Advertise Your MLM Business for FREE

  1. Promote your MLM business by collecting e-mail addresses and sending out e-mail newsletters, promotions, or updates to customers that are interested in what you have to offer them, i.e starting out an MLM business, earning extra cash or selling your products/ services… In the beginning you have to invest your time in building your list of subscribers, after you will reach a certain number of subscribers, there will be a small fee to pay.
  2. Donate some of your MLM products or services to a charitable event. Visit your local library, supermarket, charity shops and offer them your FREE products in exchange of promoting your business and attracting more local customers.
  3. Offer a free seminar. Print up flyers and give them to local shops, nurseries, cafes or ask for permission to advertise your seminar flyer in the newspaper shops, supermarkets or go into offices and check if you can use their bulletin boards (note: they only allow free educational seminars).
  4. Do a demo. If you don’t have retail or office space to hold a public demonstration yourself, get in touch with a related business that could benefit from some publicity. Host or co-host a public demonstration of your service or product. Let local newspapers know and be sure it’s on all the community calendars.
  5. Create a referral program for your existing customers. This is a win-win situation for everyone.  Your customers get a free product or coupon or reward of some kind for every new customer they send your way.
  6. Hold a contest. It does not have to directly relate to your MLM business. It could be something seasonal like a “Karaoke Christmas Carol Contest.”
  7. Participate in local contests by donating your MLM product or service as a prize.
  8. Write good reviews for local businesses. Local businesses love positive reviews, and the more they have on the Internet, the better. So help out your local businesses by being a good customer, then getting online and writing about your experiences. You’ll gain favor from your fellow business owners and potential customers who are researching local businesses will keep seeing your name pop up.

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