Online Promotion for Your MLM business

Here are several effective ways of promoting your MLM business on the Internet.

Websites to help promote your MLM business online:

  1. Google AdWords target your online customers by setting up pay-per click ads
  2. Yahoo Local gives you the opportunity to introduce your MLM business to millions of Yahoo users
  3. Hot Frog is a FREE online business directory where you can write description of your products / services and add a website link. It is a great tool for SEO.
  4. BOTW means Best Of The Web and it is an online directory where you have to submit your MLM website for a review and then you will be able to promote your business on their directory.
  5. FREE Classifieds
  6. Squidoo allowes you to create pages,called lenses about a specific topic you are interested in.
  7. Craiglist is an online portal for free classifieds.

Don’t forget about the power of social networking! If you don’t have profiles set up for your MLM business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… get them set up right away! It doesn’t cost anything and offers numerous benefits!

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