Organo Gold Review

More and more people are turning towards Organo Gold all of a sudden. It enjoys a good standing in the market, but is it really worth it? Without much ado let us give you an honest review of Organo Gold so that you know if it has the ability to change your fortune.

If you search on the internet you will most probably be baffled at the success stories found, many of which are so attractive you wouldn’t want to wait another minute before signing on the dotted lines. However, you need to pause for a few minutes, be rational and check the facts. Yes, there is a lot of money that one can make through this platform, yet there are many marketers or distributors who have not been able to make a good amount of money.

Conversely, it does not mean that there are no opportunities or that you will not be able to hit the bull’s eye. The fact is that it is possible but it is not easy. The history of this company is interesting. There are various success stories like that of David Imonitie who dropped out of college to join MLM when he was only 21. In around 6 years he was able to change his future into a very good one as he has been making around $250,000/month now. But, this is not because he had a magic wand but because he knew what to do. Plus, not everyone is as lucky as Imonitie either as many people ended up losing even what they had which is why one has to be very careful.

So, now that you know there is potential let’s have a look at the review.

The Company

The company was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008 and was quick to find success thanks to amazing growth numbers in the first few years of its launch. The last three years are summed up below to show how quickly the company has won people over.

  • 2010 –around $35 million with over 60,000 distributors worldwide
  • 2011 – around $150 million, with over 175,000 Organo Gold distributor
  • 2012 – around $300 million with over 350,000 distributors

The company is running business in 4 continents in countries including the US, Italy, Austria, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Greece and Scotland. It may move on to other regions as well in the near future with countries like India growing to be strong industries. Organo Gold has also aligned with the Napoleon Hill Foundation that adds credibility to its name.

As per Alexa most of the users who visit this website are women. Since it is a well known fact that mostly women are into MLM these days, as it provides working from home opportunity, the data is not surprising.


The company deals in various products broken in three categories including:

  • Beverages
  • Personal care
  • Nutraceutical goods


These include OG Smile toothpaste, tea, coffee,vitamins, Ganoderma spore power and grapes seed oil. These are produced after proper research so that can be beneficial for the people. Most of the products the company produces are healthy and enjoy a good name among people who are health conscious.

This also makes it easy to have a target audience as you know that you will mostly be able to send it to people who are concerned about their health and hygiene. Plus, these are very affordable as well.


Its management consists of some known names including Dr. Irma Prado, Mr. Li Ye, Founder and CEO of Xianzhilou Biology Research Corporation in Fujian China and Dr. Xiaoyu. Names like these give credibility to the company as they are very well known and respect in their field.

The Compensation Plan and Membership

Finally it is time to discuss what most of you are interested in – the compensation plan. The company almost uses the same pattern as most other MLM businesses and offers 7 payment methods including:

  • Fast Track Bonus (Paid Weekly)
  • Retail Profit (Paid Daily / Weekly)
  • Dual Team Bonus
  • Global Pool (Earned Monthly, Paid Quarterly)
  • Generational Leadership Bonus (Paid Monthly)
  • Uni level Matching Bonus (Paid Monthly) up to 3 level’s deep
  • Uni level Bonus (Paid Monthly) with compression, down to 9 level’s deep

It should also be mentioned that you may not be able to get an actual earning statement due to it being a PVT company.

Becoming a member is very easy. First go to the website and select your region (where you reside while signing up or usually live) and then go to the sign up page where you can fill in your details and become a proud member of the network.

Going Deep

Now let’s see how to make money through the network. Based on the information available you will most probably think that it is as easy as ABC. However, it should be mentioned that in order to make a respectable amount you must first be able to get at least a hundred distributors all of whom active. Now, this is the real acid test because getting active distributors is no piece of cake, especially now that so many people are into the business.

Since many of your distributors will not be doing anything it is important to get as many as you can. Distributors can be found anywhere from the internet to even in your own family. Organo’s products are good but it does not sell on its own. You need people to push for that with the help of right strategies.


If you are dreaming of making a six figure income through Organo then we would like to say that it is possible. But, is it as easy as some people make it look like? Definitely not! You will be required to put in your heart and soul into the business, understand the products and your target audience and get as many distributors as possible in order to be able to make a dent.

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