The Law of Attraction

What is law of attraction?

“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.” by Joseph Murphy

Another way of understanding the law of attraction is by understanding the Quantum physics which is based on quantum theory. Quantum theory is a set of principles that describe physical reality at the atomic and subatomic level of matter. This includes the principles of atoms, molecules, electrons and protons as well as even smaller particles.

Quantum theory provides clues to the basic fundamental nature of the universe. It is the study of the behavior of energy and matter at microscopic levels. It also shows us that the universe is much different than the world as we see it. The name itself comes from the Latin word meaning “how much”.

So as the theory explains that everything is energy, our thoughts,emotions,beliefs are energies.So if you focus on missing your train,you are more likely to make that happen by focusing on the absence of the train. What do you think happens if you think of passing your exam? Your thinking will manifest success with your exam. Keep in mind that you get what you focus on most of the time ! WHAT YOU WANT– WANTS YOU

If you are normally negative,you will attract more negative things in your life,you will go from bad to worst and wonder why all the things happen to you. The negative thinking might have developed over the years from past experiences,i.e what they teach you in school,what you’ve heard your parents telling you what you should do or what you are not good at,people around you who have passed on to you their own doubts and limitations…and you have become a “sponge” that absorbed all this negative info and you allowed it to become your daily habit.A very powerful component of negative thinking is limiting beliefs.In my opinion these are the most destructive and really powerful “things” that we have to deal with.

In order to stop thinking negatively and destroy your life or not living it at your maximum capacity,is to first declutter your head from the limiting beliefs and keep yourself away from those people who are negative. Avoid them and remember that the information we send to our brain is like the food we put in our mouth.If we put poison in our mouth,we literally die,so do not allow anyone to poison you.

“Correct your mind and everything will fall into place.”
(Albert Einstein). Everything you dream of ,will become your own reality.

How can you keep a positive frequency high?

Consciously choose thoughts of caring and gratitude, and reprogram yourself to think positive thoughts as – rather than the self-judgment and negative thinking. Every time you feel negative about something,you first become aware of it and then deal with it by stopping yourself to think that way and rising up your positive frequency. The stronger the positive frequency the better you will feel and the faster your dreams will become reality. It is hard in the beginning to stop thinking negatively,as the inner voices keep coming back,but once you are aware that all of these are actually unreal and you understand how your mind works,you will be able to correct your mind and soon the inner voices that were once very powerful will start to loose their power and stop bothering you.

source: Quantum physics

Law of attraction in action in your mlm business.

When your upline is asking you to sit and write down a list of goals for your mlm business,you will be using the Law of attraction to put all those goals into action.Here are just a few suggestions that you can take into consideration.

    1. Which is the date and month when you want to get to the next level in your mlm organization? In order to achieve this, how many people do you need to recruit in each month? How many customers do you need have in your database to hit the next level?
      How many products do you need to shift,to get the credits you want? How much do you need to invest in purchasing all these products?

I highly recommend that from the very start of your mlm journey,you should think GLOBAL. Think how can you build businesses in different countries and continents,what tools do you need for this? do you need a website? do you need to use social media to communicate with your business partners? what are the shipping costs? check you have everything ready,so you can start a massive expansion for your mlm organization.

    1. What do you teach your downline about running an mlm business?
      do you run meetings at their homes? weekly meetings? online meetings?
      do you teach them the old fashioned way of doing,talk to everybody you meet or you teach them online marketing and how to market their own businesses online. I recommend that last suggestion.Marketing yourself online is the fastest and safest way of making lots of money in your mlm business.You don’t want to spend lots of time and money trying to pursuit people to buy products or join you to the business presentation without much luck.It is a tremendous hard work to chase people up, trying to talk to them about a business opportunity.Remember the commitment you must make in order to succeed? you will have to this on a daily basis fro at least 6 month in order for you to make a solid income.Do you imagine doing that? working probably full-time and have just a few hours in the evening to “do” your business,when you are tired from work,would you fancy going out to mettings,chatting with people and present yourself as a leader? I believe in the long run,you will exhaust yourself and the results will be very have to learn to work the smart way and that means online marketing.You can still work a few hours every evening,at your own pace and get much more leverage of your time and money by recruiting people online and letting the internet to find people that are interested in your mlm opportunity,they will come to you,instead of you chasing them up.

Remember,be very specific when you write your goals. You have to think of all these and many more if you want to succeed. Only then The Law of attraction will start taking effect.

  1. What are your biggest dreams in life? What motivates you? What will you do when you become successful in your mlm business? Buy a house, send the kids to private schools, do charity? What exactly do you want to do with the money,skills,reputation,relations you will build up in your mlm adventure? Do you want to leave a legacy behind you? How you going to do that? Be precisely!
  2. What are the reasons for being in MLM business? What is the potential you see in this opportunity?
  3. The Law of giving and receiving: Your success in MLM will come through the hard work as a team,so you have to invest a lot of time in building good relationships with your MLM teamates and give away what you want to get. If you want to become a Saphire for example, help your downline get to their next level and you automatically become a Saphire.

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