Three Social Networking Sites to Use for Your MLM Business

Social networking sites are one of the main reasons behind the huge success of the internet as they offer people a platform to gather at, stay in touch with each other, keep an eye on the happenings and kill time. Given the huge number of people that use such websites there is an opportunity for everyone including businesses.

Online marketing businesses especially should make a good use of these social networking websites. Since there are millions of people on these sites one has the opportunity to get in touch with them, generate leads and give a boost to sales.

With so many social networking sites it may be difficult for a person to decide which one to join and which one to give a miss. If you’ve been wondering about the same thing, then you do not need to worry because given below are three social networking sites you should definitely join.


Facebook is easily the largest social networking website with presence in almost every country. Currently it has over a billion active users which means the possibilities are endless. You can join the website for free and reach to millions of people, many of whom may be your potential customers.

Joining Facebook is very easy for everyone, from a business to an individual. You have the option to join as an individual and make a page for your business for people to join and know about it. The greatest thing about this social networking website is that what you say has the potential to reach unlimited people thanks to the option of tagging and sharing.

If you launch a new product you can set a status about it and hope for people to share it on their walls so that others who are in their friend list may also see it. It is recommended that you give proper and true details on your profile and page so that those who are interested in buying products or joining the business may find details easily.

Most MLM companies have their presence on the network including the likes of Empower Network and Herbalife. You can also join their pages to know the updates they post. This way you will be in touch with the happenings and be able to grab opportunities just as they arise.

Facebook works almost everywhere but is blocked in some countries as well due to political and other issues. If it does not work in your country you can easily look at other options.


Twitter is another large social networking website and is a bit different from Facebook. Here your messages are called tweets and they need to be a maximum of 140 characters long. The website has over 140 million users from around the globe.

They have the option to follow or un-follow people. When you join Twitter you will have to try and get as many followers as possible as those who follow you will receive your tweets and know about the changing scenario.

Many argue that Twitter is not very useful to promote an MLM business. This may be true to an extent due to its limitations; however, the good thing is that many people prefer Twitter over Facebook and consider it more credible. They are more likely able to believe what they see on Twitter as compared to Facebook that is known for fake profiles and news.

Additionally, Twitter is mobile friendly as well and you can easily post tweets and receive updates without having to sit in front of your computer.


LinkedIn is a quickly growing network of professionals. So, why should you join this one and how can it help you achieve success in the MLM business? Online marketing like any other business requires leads and connections. LinkedIn can help you do this as it is a platform where you can easily find like-minded people.

LinkedIn is easy and free to join. It enjoys a great reputation among the working class and is among the most reliable social networking sites. Unlike other networks it is not to only let people have conversations and enjoy their time. Its main aim is to allow professionals to get in touch so that they can make contacts and find opportunities to move ahead in business.

You, too, can join this network and get a profile from where other people can get in touch with you and see what you are up to. This will also help you find others who are into the MLM business. Many of these can help you learn tricks and even generate sales.

In addition to these there are several other social networking websites as well such as Orkut. However, these three are considered the best mainly due to their reach and convenience as these are very simple to understand. Plus, the fact that these are free to join make them lucrative as well.

Conversely, it should be mentioned that merely becoming a part of these social networking websites will not help your business as you will be required to work a little bit to ensure that it results in something. We have already given you a list of things to do on LinkedIn. Watch this space to know more about how you can use Facebook and Twitter for the same purpose.

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